SINT MAARTEN: Two new armed robberies carried out in a pizzeria and a gas station | FAXINFO

On Monday, December 4, shortly after 22 p.m., a well-known pizza store and a gas station located on Bush Road were the victims of an armed robbery a few minutes apart by two individuals on scooters.

According to the police spokesperson, the two individuals, hooded and armed, burst into the pizzeria and at gunpoint forced the staff to hand over the contents of the cash register to them. The two criminals then fled on a scooter before attacking the Bush Road service station a few minutes later. Here again, the two individuals threatened the staff and left with a certain amount of money which was not communicated by the authorities.

Several police patrols were deployed in the St. Peters area to try to arrest the robbers, to no avail.

Sint Maarten Police are urging all traders and residents to remain vigilant, especially during this holiday season. As the end of the year approaches, activities increase and criminals may seek to take advantage of the excitement. _AF

Source: Faxinfo