SOCIETY: Second edition of the Handicap & Entreprise competition | FAXINFO

From September 4 to October 31, the CCISM, in its capacity as AGEPFIH relay point, is offering the 2nd edition of the Handicap & enterprise competition in order to motivate local businesses to invest in an inclusive manner.

Launched in 2022, the Handicap & enterprise competition aims to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the inclusion of disability within their society and to sustain actions around disability in local businesses. The winner of the 1st edition, Orange Fever (BO), managed to successfully complete its “La Plage pour Tous” project with its Tiralo.

Apart from these numerous annual actions as an AGEFIPH Relay Point, the CCISM wished to keep the competition format in order to raise business leaders' awareness of the theme of disability in business in order to stimulate innovation and arouse enthusiasm. and participation within the economic fabric.

Marie Martin, training manager & Disability referent at the CCISM explains: “Today, we are launching a challenge: to become champions of inclusion for people with disabilities! Because inclusion is much more than a simple legal obligation, it is an opportunity for transformation and growth for your company. Including people has many benefits for businesses, including improving diversity, innovation, reputation and respect for diversity  human.

It is a socially responsible and economically beneficial practice.” Organized in partnership with the Association for the Management of the Fund for the Professional Integration of Disabled People, the free competition is open to different companies and project leaders located in the territory of Saint-Martin. Between September 4 and October 31, 2023, candidates will be able to enter 2 distinct categories: Companies – Disability inclusion project within the company and Project leaders – Business creation project including the disability dimension . The awards ceremony will officially take place on Friday November 24, as part of European Disability Employment Week.

For Angèle Dormoy, president of the CCISM, “disability inclusion is not only the right thing to do, it is the path to a more diverse, creative company that respects the rights of all! I hope that we will have many companies who will propose strong projects for this 2nd edition of the competition.” The entire competition rules are available on the website _VX

Source: Faxinfo