Gamma IT Solutions Announces New Distributor of Payroll Pro HRM in Jamaica | SOUALIGA NEWSDAY

ARUBA/JAMAICA – Payroll Pro HRM is a fully integrated payroll and HRM software solution created specifically for clients based in the Caribbean by software developer Gamma IT Solutions. Several distributors have been successfully selling, implementing, and supporting the software package throughout the region for more than 25 years. On September 1, Gamma added another distributor to its list, Accentuate Technology Solutions, which will service clients in Jamaica.

Accentuate Technology Solutions started its operations in 2015 and has been a digital innovation firm dedicated to maximize the business potential of its clients by leveraging technology innovation to meet their business needs.

Accentuate Technology Solutions has an incredible team of passionate individuals with a combined experience in web and mobile development. They offer services in Technology Consulting, Digital Marketing and Software Solutions.

The level of knowledge and expertise in software and their eagerness to implement innovative solutions for its clients, makes them the perfect partner to distribute and support Payroll Pro HRM in the Jamaican market.

Gamma is proud to be partnering with Accentuate Technology Solutions in order to bring the extraordinary benefits of Payroll Pro HRM to more commercial and governmental organizations in Jamaica. “It’s always exciting for us to expand our reach within a new region, and we’re confident that Accentuate Technology Solutions has the motivation and expertise to establish a wide range of new clients in Jamaica,” explains Frank Baks, Gamma’s director of business development.

Gamma and Accentuate Technology Solutions will work together to introduce Payroll Pro HRM into the Jamaican market and to show the many benefits of the software. “We conducted a thorough analysis of Payroll Pro HRM and feel that its integrated HR and Payroll features presents unique value to clients, and is a useful and cost-effective solution for businesses and institutions in Jamaica,” stated Paul D. Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at Accentuate.

This partnership between Gamma IT Solutions and Accentuate Technology Solutions was brokered by the professional and legal advice of Don Taylor & Co NV, for which Gamma is very thankful.

Don Taylor & Co NV is a boutique financial and legal advisory firm based in Aruba which has served as an advisor on the expansion of Payroll Pro HRM into Jamaica. In addition, their law firm in Jamaica, Donald Saint Taylor & Co provided legal advice on the structure of the agreement in order for it to be fruitful for both parties and according to the Jamaican laws.

Mr. Don Taylor, director of Don Taylor & Co NV, shares “We wish Payroll Pro HRM all the success in this new venture and stand ready to provide any legal advice on matters.”

Clearly, Payroll Pro HRM is growing within the Caribbean region, and its integrated HRM system is going viral and very much in demand. Baks adds, “The unique HRM solution that we completely and seamlessly integrated with Payroll Pro HRM is increasingly appealing to clients all across the region. No matter the size of a company or which industry it represents, the HRM module handles a wide array of HR tasks, bringing greater efficiency and functionality to any company’s HR department.”

From Right to Left: Nicola Fletcher (Business Solutions Sales), Jodi-Marie Taylor (Software Development), Paul D. Taylor (CEO), Sanjea Taylor (Client Support)


Source: Souliga Newsday