Political terrorism unleashed on former Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel

Dear Editor,

I never thought I would live to see this day when politics on St. Maarten would reach to such a low and nasty level. Our political history on this island has always been known to be amicable. Persons may disagree about things and throw fake punches at each other. But what is happening in my country today makes tears come to my eyes.

A young local son of the soil has become a target in a political campaign that has been nastier than anything I have ever seen before. From the moment that Sarah Wescot-Williams decided to thrust the country into political turmoil, Christopher Emmanuel became the core target in a political campaign that only revolves around him. Nobody can tell me differently because this is a fact. I have followed all of the developments along the way.

From a WhatsApp chat that Sarah Wescot-Williams took personal offence to; an illegal barge that became an issue because Christopher Emmanuel took the right decision; a possible solution for our landfill that is being dragged through the mud to chase away the investors; false information spread by Michael Ferrier about the national flag project, a project which should have brought pride to everyone on this island because it is our flag; criticism of the cleanup work that was executed after Hurricane Irma, which brought us back on our feet quite quickly; fires on the landfill after he left office being thrown at his feet, whereas I recall his statements over the months that resulted in there being no fires for 9 months; a roof repair program to help the people of this island, that is being held back for some reason although approved last year; and now the incomprehensible, disgusting, reprehensible leaking of government information to destroy young locals on this island because Christopher Emmanuel decided to give locals land.

What is the goal of these political terrorists? Are you hell bent on breaking this young man’s spirit? Are you trying to ensure he does not rise to be a great leader because he puts the people of this island first? I am speaking to you the so called political stalwarts, with your secret weapon as you call him. You have converged on one party, the so called United Democratic Party, under the guise of bringing experienced persons together. With what intention? With what goal? Solely to TERRORIZE it has become clear.

Who is this Emil Lee? Where did he come from? Why does he hate Christopher Emmanuel? Is it because he is black? Is it because he is not from a prominent family? Who is this man who has come to our shores to benefit off of us and look down on us? What about you Sarah Wescot-Williams? Does your hate run so deep that you thrust your own country people into deeper despair after a disastrous storm? What are you saying Theo? Why have you taken every opportunity to fight him down when you know he has only tried to fix a problem he inherited from many governments? And you Miklos Giterson do you think you will be rewarded for the dirty work you are doing? I don’t understand what is happening in this country.

From where I am sitting, the goal is simply to destroy Christopher Emmanuel because he has chosen to challenge you. And I’m not talking about today. I myself did not pay as much attention to this young man as I should have. But now I see that he has been fighting for us. They are hell bent on ensuring he no longer can do such and are therefore levying personal attacks on this gentleman from all angles. It sickens me to the core.

I would be the first to acknowledge that he is different. However, different is definitely good at this moment. He does not remind me of the regular politicians, as we know them on St. Maarten for the past years. Instead, he brings with him a breath of fresh air. He has shown that he is committed to stand up for the people of this island. No one to date has ever had the political courage and will to challenge the decades of abuse that we the locals have been experiencing.

Where has our island gone? I ask myself this question every day. Why do you hate our own?

Name with-held at authors request.

Source: StMaartenNews http://stmaartennews.com/letters-to-the-editor/political-terrorism-unleashed-former-minister-vromi-christopher-emmanuel/