The key to integrity

By Hilbert Haar

Politicians are always quick to suggest that ‘this’ elections is really important and every time I hear this I think really? Our politicians also like to talk about ‘the next four years,’ knowing darn well that since 10-10-10 the average lifespan of government is 14 months.

Monday’s elections are special in this sense that they will put the value of integrity truly to the test. Why am I writing this? Well, as you may know, this ain’t my first rodeo. Once you’ve been around the block a couple times you develop a feel for what is gonna happen next.

So here are the scenario’s.

One. The United Democrats, objectively speaking the party with the strongest list – at least, the list with the strongest voter-appeal – wins an outright majority, be it eight or more seats.

Problem solved? Not really. The next party has a tainted candidate – Chanel Brownbill, a suspect in a tax evasion and investigation. How can the UD ever make a credible stand for integrity if I t has a tax fraud in court in its midst? One who had the gall, last Saturday during the final UD-rally to say something like “If they lock me up and they throw away the key, I will smile?”

Two. The UD gets stuck on seven seats. That is only one seat short of a majority; unfortunately this means that eight others do have that majority. The UP could end up this way winning the election but losing the formation.

This could inspire the National Alliance to get together with the scandal-riddled USp and a possible third party like the Wycliffe Smith’s SMCP.

If you asked my opinion, which you probably won’t but I’ll tell you anyway, there is like no chance in hell that Wycliffe Smith would put his credibility at stake by joining forces with a tainted party like the USp.

The uninitiated may want to know why I attach the label ‘tainted’ to the USp.

Well, in the recent past the was a candidate on its list, Louella Rog, who was sentenced to prison time for her role in the Kong snapping of Claudia Melchers, daughter of a Dutch millionaire.

USp-MP Silvio Matser has been convicted for tax fraud and he is also on the ropes for election fraud. Chanel Brownbill, a candidate for the UD but formally still a member of the USp-faction has been charged with tax fraud.

USp-candidate Maria Buncamper-Molanus has been sentenced for tax fraud.

Lastly, party-leader Frans Richardson just came out of pretrial custody on suspicions of bribery, vote buying and tax evasion.

Is that tainted enough, or what?

So just because in case Wycliffe Smith manages to win a seat, and at the moment of this writing I feel that he is having a real chance, just in case, it could open the door to some more credibility for the next government.

While UD-leader Theo Heyliger does not exclude any party beforehand, it is clear to everyone that he is not looking forward to a coalition with the National Alliance and even less to a coalition with the USp.

The key for a government with at least a certain level of integrity therefore seems to be in the hands of Wycliffe Smith.


Source: StMaartenNews