Two triangles


by Jacob Gelt Dekker

The cable media may have exhausted you with micromanagement gossip accounts of a dysfunctional President of the United States, so for a change, join me for a very brief review of to-be-expected-global-conflicts.

We have two triangles, one in Africa, and one in the Middle East.


You may argue that another continental one lingers in Asia, but hey, everything is always potentially ready to blow up. So I will ignore Rocket-man in North Korea with an economy, a GDP, about 50% of the city of Amsterdam.

The African triangle may become the end of our world

The three geographical points are: In East Africa, the warlords of Somalia, Al Shabhaab, Boko Haram, or the former Sokoto Caliphate in the West, and in the North, the ISIS-affiliates in Niger/Libya. They are very sour since Ghaddafi short-changed them, and they still claim their stake in the oil riches.

What they all have in common is that they are all Jihadist-Islamist, fighting for a new world in which the second coming of Mohammed, the Mahdi, will rule. Inside the triangle is Fred Koni in East Congo and Uganda, also a terrorist who has already killed millions especially those who reject the second coming of Jesus as the Messiah or Mahdi to rule over a 1000-years state-of-peace.

The financing of the triangle of death is easy, Boko Haram lives on stolen oil in Nigeria, so does ISIS, in Niger and Libya, and in Somalia, they made billions from piracy of commercial, international shipping that was white-washed in Kenya, especially in Nairobi real-estate.

They all pledged to burn down the western world, and kill all and everybody in their path. Their record in Africa already stands at tens of millions of casualties.

Middle East reshuffle

The second triangle is in the Middle-East and is less obvious to the larger public. A new Crown-Prince ruler in Saudi-Arabia, initiated proxy wars in Yemen, against the Houthi-Shi’its, and against the Hezbollah in Lebanon, also Shi’ites, supported by Iran, and one directly against Iran. Hamas in Palestine is stand-by to be called, on short notice. The Middle East hotbed is about to explode, whereas the African exploded, years ago.

In the absence of a global police force, these two triangles have free play. Do not worry, the global economy is hardly affected by the African conflict, but the Middle-east one could easily generate another temporary oil crisis.

For sure, both conflicts will generate streams of refugees of millions, even more, far more, than Europe has experienced so far. Migration of the brightest and the best is always a godsend to the receiving country; it is a windfall profit. But the million who die on-route, and in the conflict, who cares???

Source: StMaartenNews