Companies that are littering the roads with cement will be fined.

chrisemmanuel28062017PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel sounded the alarm bell on Wednesday when he announced that companies that have been littering the roads with cement they transport will be fined.
The Minister said just recently he was on the streets at 1 am in the morning with the workers that were busy cleaning the roads to conduct repairs. Minister Emmanuel said the workers had to use jackhammers to remove the concrete on the road, mess which other companies created.
He called on residents on St. Maarten to download VROMI app and send photos to the department of VROMI when they see trucks or anyone damaging government properties. The Minister described the actions of the truck drivers as callus and as such, they will be fined if they do not clean up their mess.

More monies needed for completion of Back Street — Emmanuel

Things take time to process, there is no magic wand to get things done.

Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel told members of the media that government does not have a magic wand to fix all their needs from one day to the next. He made the statements when he was asked about the completion of Back Street.
The Minister said that the monies that are being used to fix Back Street did not come from the budget of the Ministry of VROMI instead that money came from the Ministry of TEATT and the money that was set aside for the project is not enough to install drainage which would give businesses the opportunity to connect to government main lines. There was not enough monies to remove the Amsterdamers and the electrical posts with huge blocks around them.
The Minister said he is busy getting the funding that is needed for the completion of the project but when it is completed it will have the necessary infrastructure such as drainage and the obstructions on the sidewalks will be removed.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Companies that are littering the roads with cement will be fined.