Curacao Inspectorate of Health imposes fine on SEHOS to reinstate Dr. Menno Misset to OR.

WILLESTAD:— The Inspectorate of Health under the guidance of Jan Huurman has imposed a fine on SEHOS Hospital in order for them to reinstate Dr. Menno Misset to the OR by September 1st . Failure to comply SEHOS will have to pay a fine of NAF10,000 to NAF. 500.00 for each day.
According to a press release from the Inspectorate states that Dr. Dr. Misset must return to the OR in order for him to rehabilitate. The Inspectorate said Dr. Misset must be able to work without restrictions.

The Inspectorate imposes this measure because, since the publication of the Inspection Report dated 31 January 2018 which clearly states that Dr. Misset has been fully cleared of any wrong doing. The Board of Directors has delayed the normalization of relations in the SEHOS. This mainly concerns the situation within the OR complex and the relationships between the departments of surgery, anesthesia and gynecology. To this day, the Board of Directors cannot present a concrete timetable for the return of surgeon M.
The Inspectorate deems that Dr. Misset cannot wait any longer to return to work fully. They find that SEHOS has acted irresponsibly under three conditions.

1. Damage to the good name of Dr. Misset without good reasons and prevent him from maintaining his skills.

2. The shortage of oncological surgeons within SEHOS, as a result of which waiting and access times for necessary operations are incurred. Moreover, the shortage of surgeons leads to overloading of the surgeons present.

3. Increasing SEHOS financial need, while the Board of Directors continuously complains about a shortage of financial resources. The SEHOS pays surgeon M. while it receives no income from the SVB. The SVB has cut the budget for SEHOS because surgeon M. is not running production.

Source: St. Martin News Network