Deputy Minister of Plenipotentiary held “Meet and Greet.”

The Hague:—The Deputy Minister Plenipotentiary, the honorable Hasani Ellis along with his staff, were the hosts f a Meet and greet on the occasion of the visit of the Sint Maarten Parliamentary delegation under the firm leadership of the Chairlady of Parliament, the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams.
Attending this event were friends and partners of Sint Maarten. Among the invited guests were young professionals, students and members of the Sint Maarten community within the Netherlands.
The members of the delegation, the chairperson of the Kingdom Relations Committee, member of parliament Ms. S. Jacobs, member of parliament Mr. W. Smith and member of Parliament Mr. R. Brison were all given the opportunity to address those present. The Chairlady of Parliament Mrs. Wescot-Williams, in her greetings to those present, elucidated on the purpose and importance of the delegations presence in the Netherlands, where she re -iterated Sint Maarten’s position in the deliberations. Focus, being the way forward and the cooperation within the Kingdom on the various points of discussion and the presentation of the state of affairs of Sint Maarten. In her address she further emphasized the importance of having the brain potential and determined groups of persons, now studying and working and residing in the Netherlands to seriously consider returning to the island to assist in the rebuilding and strengthening of Sint Maarten.
This sentiment was resonated by all the Members of Parliament.
During the Meet and Greet, all invitees were given the opportunity to have one on one discussions with the members of parliament, where this gesture was very much appreciated by all present.
The deputy minister wished the entire delegation a fruitful and productive period of deliberations and thanked all present for accepting the invitation to attend.
In his address the Deputy stood still and paid homage to the recently departed members of the Sint Maarten community, Mr Joseph “Joe” Richardson, Mr. Roy Marlin and Mr Roland “Paben” Brison who through their exemplary works have paved the way for the island and its people.

Source: St. Martin News Network