Detective Jerry Gerardus will be released today under special conditions.

J.G. will be released today, pending his Court date

PHILIPSBURG:— The Public Prosecutors Office has agreed to release detective Jerry Gerardus today Friday August 3rd 2018 pending his court date. Gerardus has gained his freedom from pretrial detention after falling ill while in police custody. He has since been a patient at the Louis Constant Fleming Hospital on French St. Martin.

Suspect J.G. (42 years) will be released today, August 3 2018, by request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office Sint Maarten. This in light of this is medical condition and therefore the limited resources in the Point Blanche prison for medical attention and therefore special attention to the suspect. Both the investigative judge and the lawyer agreed to the request by the Public Prosecutor.

He will remain a suspect in the “Whale-investigation” were he is a suspect of bribery, forgery and breach of confidentiality. His case will be handled in Court on October 17th 2018.

His release is under specific conditions:
· He suspect may have no contact with other suspects in this case
· The suspect will hand over his passport and ID card to the Public Prosecution Service
· The suspect will not travel abroad without permission from the Public Prosecutor’s Office
· The suspect will remain at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the National Criminal Investigation Department (Landsrecherche Sint Maarten).

Prosecutor’s Office Press Release.

Source: St. Martin News Network