Doncher thanks media for cooperation during tenure.

p>PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication (TEATT) Mellissa Arrindell-Doncher on Tuesday thanked the general media on St. Maarten for its cooperation and professional working relationship over her 10-month tenure as Minister.

Over approximately 10 months, the Minister issued 123 press releases with pictures in an effort to keep the public informed about Ministry TEATT. That averages out to 12 articles a month from the Minister or about 3 per week.

The Minister said she respected the fact that the media had its job to do and she strived to always maintain an open line of communication with the media via her cabinet. She said she also appreciated the opportunities the media gave her to respond to or clarify any matter before it was published.

“The media has its role to play in any community and modern-day democracy. Though government is not always ready to provide information when the media calls, I understood that information had to be given sometimes and I think the media understood that information would come when it was ready to be given. At least with me, I had that understanding with the media core and I thank them for getting our messages and information out to the people of St. Maarten,” the Minister said.

Press Release from the Ministry of TEATT