EXCLUSIVE: GEBE shuts down IT system as Assistant HR manager leaked Supervisory Board minutes regarding warning letter.

PHILIPSBURG:— Management board of GEBE shut down their IT system on Wednesday after they discovered that the Assistant Human Resource manager Beres Kingsdale sent out an email midnight Tuesday May 1st that contained the minutes from the Supervisory Board and a response from the Emmanuel “Tony Brooks”. The leaked email only contained parts of the Supervisory Board minutes and the response given by Tony Brooks.
GEBE management board discussed the possibility to either demote Tony Brooks from his position as Distribution Manager and to replace him with Patrick Drijvers.
The partial minutes from the Supervisory Board that was leaked Tuesday night but was also sent to almost all staff of GEBE showed where at least one Supervisory Board member suggested to the management board that they should begin building a paper trail against Brooks since GEBE would have to payout Brooks over $800,000.00 should they dismiss him from service.

Clearly, the management board of GEBE took the advice given by the female board member when they issued Brooks with a warning letter. Brooks fired back at the management board with a long letter all of which was leaked Tuesday night by Kingsdale.
GEBE procedures dictates that if an employee is caught with any breach of confidentiality then that employee is suspended immediately pending an investigation. However, the management board of GEBE chose not to suspend Kingsdale but instead shut down GEBE IT system which has been hindering the workflow at the Government owned company.

Click here to read the leaked documents where Management of GEBE wants to get rid of Tony Brooks.

Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/29044-exclusive-gebe-shuts-down-it-system-as-assistant-hr-manager-leaked-supervisory-board-minutes-regarding-warning-letter.html