GEBE is without a Supervisory Board since May 31st 2018.

~COM did not allow Corporate Governance law to kick in~

PHILIPSBURG:— GEBE has been without a full Supervisory Board since May 31st 2018, while long standing member and former Chairman Roy Marlin passed away on May 19th 2018. The other members term ended on May 31st and was not extended by the Council of Ministers or the Minister of VROMI Miklos Giterson. In fact, the Minister of VROMI thanked the outgoing members of the board in a letter on May 30th
The only member on GEBE Supervisory Board is its chairman Bienvenido Richardson who was given until June 6th to submit his resignation. Contrary to an article published on Friday stating that the former members are still in their position.
Under normal circumstances the Supervisory Board would have been intact based on the Corporate Governance law which allows board members to stay on until a new board is appointed. Due to the fact that Giterson issued a letter to each member of the board on May 30th 2018 the members of the board did not stay on as required by law.
Those that are no longer on GEBE Supervisory Board are Oral Gibbs, Tazio Bervoets, Sandy Offringa, Agnes Monte, Patrice Gumbs and the late Roy Marlin.
More information on the departure of GEBE Supervisory Board can be found in the following link.


Source: St. Martin News Network