GEBE power plant workers stage walkout.

Complaints filed against the head of the facility, management failed to take action.

PHILIPSBURG:— Members of GEBE Supervisory board rushed down to the Cay Bay power plant on Wednesday morning as the workers of the power plant decided to stage a walk out as they protest the working conditions they have to work under while being paid less than the workers that work for the water distribution.
SMN News learned that the workers at the power plant are also not satisfied with the role of the management board of GEBE and has also demanded that the current management tenders their resignation.
At the Council of Minister’s press briefing, Minister of VROM and shareholder representative Christopher Emmanuel confirmed that the workers at the power plant walked off the job and that he had persons on the scene bringing the matter under control. Asked if he was fully updated on what is taking place at GEBE the Minister said he was up to date but refused to confirm whether or not the workers are demanding that the management team resign.
SMN News learned that several of the engines at the power plant have not been serviced including engine 20 that was installed in December 2016, while other engines have been shutting down causing the load shedding and constant power outages.
Besides the issues at the power plant, SMN News learned that due to the sudden loss of power about two weeks ago and the generator of GEBE main office did not switch on due to fact that the battery was not changed GEBE main office almost lost all their data because of the sudden shutdown of the server. Another issue that GEBE has improper functioning of the SAMI system that has to process meter reading data. SMN News learned that the COO of GEBE got rid of the consultant that installed the system and GEBE had to pay over $20,000.00 for overseas consultants to come in but they too could not fix the issues with the SAMI system.
Improper Use of CEO Credit Card.
According to information provided to SMN News is that the head of the facilities department of GEBE used the credit card belonging to GEBE CEO to purchase a number of items from Amazon which was delivered to his home. SMN News learned that those items include phone cases, car mats, remote keys and other items, the source said that the credit card was charged for some $53,000.00 and while management is fully aware of the things this worker is doing they have failed to take actions but instead are looking to hire the contracted worker on a permanent basis.
SMN News learned that the same worker had an issue with a car dealership who eventually filed a complaint with the audit department on the matter and that department has failed to take actions. The worker it is alleged picked up the purchase orders from a furniture store but that store was never paid and a complaint was also filed. It is further understood that the contracted employee went to Miami for training and at the end of his training stayed in Miami for three extra days as he went sightseeing at GEBE’s expense and even received per-diem for the extra days.
Besides all of the above complaints that it is understood that some members of the management board are aware of they chose to pay the employee a car allowance while giving him a company vehicle that does not even belong to his department to use.
According to information provided to SMN News , nly the chairman of the supervisory board Roy Marlin are aware of the incidents and complaints filed against the employee while the other board members have no clue on the happenings at GEBE and the illegal use

Source: St. Martin News Network
GEBE power plant workers stage walkout.