House search in Mary’s Fancy by ALPHA Team

PHILIPSBURG:— A team comprising of Customs, Police Forensic and other law enforcement officers are busy conducting a house search on Gladiola Road Mary Fancy.
While it has been confirmed by KPSM that something is happening but the police is not aware of what is really happening.

Spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office Norman Serphos also said he does not know what the searches are related to but he is trying to obtain information on the ongoing searches. SMN News will update this article as soon as information is made available by the Prosecutor’s Office.

5 House searches; Seized Items and 1 arrest by the ALPHA Team
On the 30th of March 2017, a criminal investigation was launched by the public prosecutor under the name “Polaris” This investigation is in connection with a considerable amount of drugs that was found earlier this year on an Air France Flight.

In connection with this ongoing investigation and by orders of the judge of instruction and the public prosecutor, five (5) house searches were conducted in the areas of Mary Fancy, Fort Willem, and Cay Bay. During the searches, several items were confiscated.
During these house searches, one male person was arrested for possession of an illegal substance. His arrest is not in connection with the ongoing “Polaris” investigation.

A search was also conducted at the Menzies ground services located at the Princess Juliana International Airport. The searches were done by the investigating team called the Alpha Team. The Alpha Team is a team consisting out of the Local Police Force and Immigration, The Koninklijke Marechaussee and Customs Department.

KPSM Press Release

Source: St. Martin News Network
House search in Mary’s Fancy by ALPHA Team.