Introducing National Alliance Candidate #16, Nicardo McQuilkin.

Dear Constituents,

Candidate No.16 on National Alliance!

New Face, New Direction and MORE OPPORTUNITY.

My Motto: Creating better opportunities and possibilities for All.

It is with great honor and privilege that I take this moment to introduce myself as candidate #16 on the National Alliance list, Nicardo O. Travis McQuilkin.

As an educator working at St. Maarten Academy P.S.V.E for more than 13 years, I pride myself on promoting the abilities of all the students that I come across on a daily basis. My mission is to help students identify and ignite the hidden talents that lies buried within their young minds.

My educational background brings me back to the year 2000, during my secondary education days when I graduated from St. Maarten Academy. I moved to the Netherlands shortly after to pursue my degree in Business Administration with a focus on International Business Management and Customer Service at the HBO level. It was a great challenge but like my resilient people of St. Maarten, I knew giving up was not an option. I do recall one instance in my studies, when things were not going too well and one of my coordinators handed me a booklet for MBO (trade school) and he told me I was going to fail and that I should prepare myself to move to that school. At that moment I went home and prayed and I promised myself that I had to do what was needed to succeed at the HBO level or I was out. I am proud and happy to say that I graduated within the time period with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Therefore, my message to my students will always remain, ‘aim for the stars’ and ‘giving up is never an option’.

Over the years, I have been a radio personality at PJD2, Youth Leader, Community Council Member, Social Activist, Treasurer on the Board of NIPA, Board Member on the WITU (Windward Island Teachers Union), importer of specialty goods, Investor, Cruise Coordinator and Entrepreneur. However, due to my responsibility as a new father, I decided to dedicate more time to my family. Too many times our focus can be so misguided that we find ourselves neglecting the ones we love the most and we also stretch ourselves too thin. Therefore, at this moment my focus is on my family, my students and my people. It is important that we keep looking for new ways to impact their lives in a positive way. This can be done by creating more equality and long lasting opportunities to help them and their families reach their full potential in life.

My contention with our current system is that out government keep falling with no change in sight. This is the time to elect me as a parliamentarian to bring motions and serious issues to the floor of parliament to effect change. The time is now to have a new direction, new purpose as a resilient and strong people.

If elected my areas of focus will be:

Economic Development plan:

  • Job Creation.
  • Stimulating entrepreneurship by increasing funding for Job-creating projects.
  • Attract foreign investors.
  • Develop the medical industry by completing plans to finalize the hospital.
  • Tax breaks for businesses and companies that hire, retain or keep their staff.
  • Build more vendor locations to encourage trade.
  • Build Affordable house on government land.
  • More community events to stimulate local trade.


  • Continue to develop the education industry by establishing another University and partnering with other established colleges from Holland, Canada and the USA.
  • Seek for Alternative methods to provide more scholarship for students.
  • Provide more courses locally for young people to be train to fit our current job market.
  • Sabbatical for teachers.
  • Seek for way to Increase vacation Allowance from 6 to 8%.
  • Eradicate illiteracy.
  • Advocate teachers get financial assistance for advance education.
  • Teaching College.
  • More attention dedicated to students with learning disabilities.

Motions to pass in parliament:

  • Electoral Reform
  • Tax breaks for newly established companies that hire 0-15 employees within 5 years.

Source: St. Martin News Network