Nature Foundation St Maarten Expresses Appreciation to Businesses that Have Reduced Use of Single-use Plastics. | SMN News

PHILIPSBURG:— The Nature Foundation Sint Maarten expresses their sincere appreciation to Lagoonies Bar and Bistro, Buccaneer Beach Bar, Dinghy Dock, Toppers Restaurant and Bar, Palapa Village, Pinche Gringo, Freedom Fighter’s Ital Shack, Buffalo Wings, Lazy Lizard, Melange Grill, Isola Authentic Italian Restaurant, Mary’s Boon, D-boat, Blue Bitch Bar, Taloula Flights, Joga SXM, Karakter beach Bar, Dive Sint Maarten, Sea Trek, Coconut Reef Tours and any other business who switched to environmental friendly products instead of single-use plastics. The Foundation commends the businesses on their efforts of reducing single-use plastics on our island. Due to their choice to use only

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