Our Ship of State is Governed by Default and Tom Foolery.

“Courage and commitment needed to ensure Proper Governance and faster rebuilding of Sint Maarten”

PHILIPSBURG:— Leader of the PPA Gracita Arrindell said in a press release that “ Our Island commemorated Sint Maarten day over the weekend, amid a cloud of serious concerns regarding the day to day management of our still fragile state of our economy. Current governance of the People’s affairs falls short of a clear direction and focus. There’s no need to beat around the bush any longer.

Arrindell said: “Given the current stagnated state of affairs, our present Parliament and Government should be sensitive and sensible enough to demonstrate a hands-on approach in its leadership to our citizens and business community.
Providing timely and accurate information in a structured manner concerning our current and future state of affairs. Instead, our citizens are treated to personal distractions plaguing this current government, while many citizens still suffer in the aftermath of the last hurricane.
The sense of duty to perform and perform diligently without losing sight of what issues need urgent attention is apparently lost on most of these public officials.
How can this government assert its legal and moral authority in the face of such distractions? “

Arrindell said: “with a few appearances here and there from public officials including members of the opposing Factions in Parliament, the sense of direction in which our island is heading is as clear as the mud coming sliding down our hills in rainy season. Partly due to the failure of upholding of what was once our Hillside policy. Several issues which deserve immediate attention, (including the state of the airport and the dump) are for example:

• A consumers organization is urgently needed. Construction crooks are reigning supreme at the order of the day. First hurricane Irma, then people are hit once more this time by some un-scrupulous people in the construction industry.
Too many people have a negative experience to share. Hopefully, governments coffers will reflect an increase from this sector’s increased activities.

• the deplorable housing situation especially in Belvedere. An urgent reparation and rent to buy plan should be afforded to these residents. Some of the reconstruction funds should be earmarked to these citizens thereby providing a great sense of real relief to this community and others affected by hurricane Irma and living under the same deplorable conditions.
• The boat wrecks still in the lagoon. We deserve to receive a monthly report and a timeline when these wrecks will be out of the Simpson Bay lagoon. What is the delay 1 year after hurricane Irma?
• The traffic situation in the Cole Bay- Simpson Bay area can be greatly alleviated when a serious attempt is made to study the reasons for the bottleneck (most are known). One solution to consider is to turn this area into one large round-about. Bus stops should become real bus stops for buses to pull aside instead of being mere advertising huts. The ring-road in town is neither a ring nor a road! The entire Philipsburg area demands a complete overhaul. I will address this matter in a different article.
• A monthly or weekly report, depending on the issues of the state of affairs, to Parliament must be provided to our citizens. Members of Parliament should not be paid full time for part-time work. Have they no conscience?

“ Gracita continues: “ has self- interest replace common interest? Most people do not have time to figure out what’s next on the government’s agenda. The speech given by Governor Holiday on behalf of government on the occasion on the opening of the new Parliamentary year in September should be the guideline going forward for the new government. A government held together by a razor tin support of one ( 1) faction in Parliament. A government not held to their task enough by the opposing factions in Parliament.

Arrindell concludes: we have clear choices to make as this year comes to an end and a new year full of promises lies ahead. Success breeds success is a popular saying I firmly believe in. Sint Maarten is a great island that deserves to rebuild beautifully and without distractions. Question remains, what do you as a citizen deserve and require from your Government. Is your silence consent?

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Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/30532-our-ship-of-state-is-governed-by-default-and-tom-foolery.html