Ramzy Dennoui and two other staff of SZV attacked by angry father.

 ~Oliver Vincent Arrindell has had years of pushing around at SZV~

PHILIPSBURG:— Well known taxi driver Oliver Vincent Arrindell aka Bolo lost his mind on Thursday morning when he allegedly attacked three staff members of SZV. SMN News understands that Bolo has been running for SZV office for a medical referral for his child and was being pushed around for days. The source said on Thursday morning Arrindell lost it and allegedly punched Ramzy Dennoui in his face while two other staff members have also been attacked. The early morning disruption forced SZV to close its office on Thursday to deal with the security issues and trauma. While chaos is taking place at SZV Director of the establishment Glen Carty is off island.
Oliver Vincent Arrindell aka Bolo has a long history with SZV since his son became a handicap due to gross negligence of the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC). Arrindell and his son known as “Baby Polanco” was sent to the Netherlands earlier this year and he was left in a hotel room with his child and mother of “Baby Polanco”. In March 2017 Arrindell reached out to SMN News when he was stuck in the Netherlands with the young handicap child and was not placed in a proper living quarter to care for his child. After SMN News published an article on Arrindell and Baby Polanco he received housing for one month but was sent back to St. Maarten. At the time Arrindell said SZV was forcing him to write out of St. Maarten in order for his child to receive full medical care from the Dutch Government but Arrindell a civil servant in St. Maarten refused to sign out from St. Maarten to sign in the Netherlands. 

On Thursday morning after the incident occurred SZV sent out a notice to inform its clients that their offices will be closed all day on Thursday to deal with the security issues at SZV.

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Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/27727-ramzy-dennoui-and-two-other-staff-of-szv-attacked-by-angry-father.html