Safety drill at ENNIA headquarters.

Willemstad:— On Wednesday, April 18th at 11 a.m., a safety drill was performed at ENNIA headquarters on J.B. Gorsiraweg 6. As part of the ENNIA safety plan, the ENNIA emergency response team periodically receives training and gets evaluated. The safety drill consisted of an unannounced simulation of an unsafe situation which required the building to be evacuated. Everyone present in the building must participate in these types of safety drills. The fire department and ambulance services also participated in this exercise.

ENNIA made sure to immediately inform all visitors outside about the safety drill, to prevent any unnecessary commotion. The media was also informed about the fact that the evacuation of the building and the presence of the fire department and ambulance services were just part of the exercise, so that everyone was aware of all the facts.

During these types of drills, knowledge, communication skills, and procedures are tested and later evaluated. This ensures that the employees stay alert and are properly prepared to help prevent any possible disasters or incidents that could affect the organization. A professional organization is properly prepared and takes the time and money to invest in its people and other resources, so it can properly respond in the event of a disaster. “Our emergency response team is well-organized and periodically receives training and safety drills. This elaborate exercise is a part of this training”, says ENNIA director Reinald Curiel.

Source: St. Martin News Network