Sewage truck driver demanding apology, possible court case pending

PHILIPSBURG:— Minister of VROMI Christopher Emmanuel shed some light on the video and photograph that was taken of a sewage truck driver that was seen dumping on the landfill. Emmanuel said after conducting an investigation it turned out that the truck driver in question was not dumping raw sewage on the dump but in fact, the driver was working for government who contracted him to clean drainage pit in the Dutch Quarter/ Belvedere area in preparation for the 2017 hurricane season.

The Minister said that the driver was dumping on the landfill legally because he pays to sludge in a specific area. He said that sludge cannot be dumped at the sewage plant because the sludge that is taken from the drain has chemical that will kill the bacteria that needed to dissolve the feces at the sewage plant.

Emmanuel said that those persons who shot the video works for government and government is now looking at ways to deal with those workers because they have the truck driver number plate and the color of his truck and they have been harassing the driver via text messages and when they see him the Minister said driver requested an apology from all parties that were involved.

The Minister said he is trying to solve the problem out of court but some of the persons that shot the video and sent it viral on social media refused to cooperate while the truck driver was working for government and the material he was dumping was not raw sewage.

Source: St. Martin News Network
Sewage truck driver demanding apology, possible court case pending. .