SMCU instructed its members to show up by TelEm tomorrow at 8am.

PHILIPSBURG:— Seeing that the mediator Mr. Leroy Brooks is avoiding to bring Mr. Dupersoy to the table with SMCU to give reason why the employees were locked out January 2, 2018.

After several emails between Mr. Leroy Brooks the union has made the decision to bring all employees from Cable TV to TelEm office.

The union is seeking to meet with Mr. Dupersoy because while the Cable TV employees are locked out while the employees from TelEm are being exploited by giving them additional responsibilities that belong to the Cable TV employees.

As well if the employees from Cable TV are home it will be super difficult to carry out a manpower assessment.

Members of the press can meet the union and the members who are employees from Cable TV tomorrow morning at 8 am by TelEm office.

Source: St. Martin News Network