SXM DOET partners with UTS.

utsdoet02032017PHILIPSBURG:— The SXM DOET Project Management Team is proud to announce a brand new partnership for SXM DOET 2017: UTS.

Since its inception in 2015, the local volunteer event SXM DOET has collaborated with various businesses within the corporate realm in order to ensure the successful execution of the largest volunteer initiative in the Dutch Kingdom.

Corporate partners assist in many ways, either by providing donations or discounts to the participating organizations, providing a platform for marketing at a discounted rate, printing and supplying materials needed for volunteers at great prices, providing general assistance where needed, and many more services, too numerous to mention. Without such assistance, SXM DOET would not be as well attended and successful as it has already become in just 3 years.

This year, SXM DOET has most recently teamed up with United Telecommunication Services (UTS), who has provided the SXM DOET project management team with a very useful medium to promote and market the annual volunteer event: SMS broadcast. The telecommunications company has also adopted a project of their own, that of the Safe Haven Foundation, to which employees will volunteer their time on Friday, March 10th

“Our company is staffed by and run by many locals with generations of roots on our island. This isn’t only about corporate responsibility for us. It’s only natural that our team would want to also contribute and make a difference on the island we all live on.” Says Ivy lambert, UTS Marketing & Communication Officer “We are excited about the opportunity to give back and make a difference for our community. SXM DOET is an awesome initiative in the sense that it brings a large part of our community together to tackle various projects and areas that need attention. We urge people who haven’t joined the movement yet to surf to to check out the projects and find one you are interested in.”

In previous years SXM DOET has teamed up with heavily committed corporate partners, including: RMG Designs, Heavenly Water, Kooyman, Divico, Cake House, Green Fingers, Easy Print, Firgos, Buccaneer Beach Bar, Viva Signs, the Philipsburg Broadcasting Company, The Daily Herald, Caribbean Legacy and companies who have supported organizations on their own accord. Along with these corporate partners, companies such as Domino’s Pizza, Caribbean Cinemas, Smiles Inc., Christian’s Cookies Goodies & More, Soulful Sandwich, Shieka’s Bistro and Catering, Axum Art Café, and the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, have contributed to SXM DOET in various ways to which have ensured its success thus far.

SXM DOET will take place on March 10th and 11th and there are still many intriguing projects in need of volunteers. The projects vary from social outings, to fixing up playgrounds, setting up community gardens, paint jobs and many more. To view a listing of the projects please visit For more information email the Project Management Team of Melanie Choisy and Fleur Hermanides This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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. The latest updates about the two days can be found on their Facebook page:

Source: St. Martin News Network
SXM DOET partners with UTS.