The effects the dump fire has on residents.

dumpfire08032017PHILIPSBURG:— The air in Philipsburg, Madame Estate, Over the Pond and surrounding areas are currently being affected by a black smoke plume emitted by the tire fire located on the landfill (dump) on Pond Island.

Tire fires produce smoke, which carries toxic chemicals from the breakdown of synthetic rubber compounds while burning. Keeping this in mind, it is imperative that individuals who reside in the affected areas that suffer from respiratory problems remain indoors with all doors and windows closed. Placing a wet towel in any openings (such as door and window slits) can help prevent any smoke from entering your home. Individuals that have to be outside in the affected areas are advised to wear protective equipment to cover their nose and mouth.

Minister Lee shares the concerns and outrage of the public and expresses the need for this matter to be addressed post-haste. “The way the dump was managed and continues to be managed is clearly not working, posing severe threats to the health of the population. This matter needs to be addressed structurally. This cannot be solved overnight but measures need to be implemented immediately. Minister Emmanuel and I have been discussing a review of protocol for the management of the dump. I have recommended bringing in professionals in landfill management to make recommendations. In the meantime, I urge the population in the affected areas to remain vigilant and take all the necessary steps to ensure that they are safeguarded from the chemicals that are carried in the smoke plume. “

Source: St. Martin News Network
The effects the dump fire has on residents.


  1. Dear reader,

    I believe minister Lee might have based these words upon my graduation work, reviewed by the Nature Foundation and my supervisor from Wageningen UR. For original concent, you can find the report through I am very open for feedback for improvement, implementation or if you’d like to ask me anything about the project.

    In the report you will find out about the methodology I’ve been setting up to work towards a solution in steps complete with suggestions for change. A first article, describing the projects’ intentions has been released already quite some time ago:

    As it was a first attempt to get the situation rolling from supposed stagnation into actual action, and it was quite an unsupported study as I was using my personal resources, I have called this first step a pilot. For instance, upon reflection I found the outreach of the projects’ workshop has not been sufficient.

    It was hard work, but I am glad to have encountered so many wonderful St. Maarteners, who’s input was of great value to this project. I hope any spinoffs from this pilot will be initiated, as is semi-described in the report. I hope it will pay off in the best way possible for the people and nature on St. Maarten, for a future with clean air to breathe and fresh foods to eat.

    For any questions regarding the research, its methodology or outcomes, please contact me.

    – Margot van Malenstein, initiator and executor of PS_I_SXM