Tourist Bureau in Miami with Taste of the Caribbean team.

tasteofcaribbean020162017PHILIPSBURG:— The St. Maarten Tourist Office is in Miami to support St. Maarten’s culinary team that will be competing in the Taste of the Caribbean competition. Head of the Tourist Bureau Rolando Brison is joined by Lisa Coffi of the Product Development division of the bureau.

Taste of the Caribbean Culinary Event is promoted as the ‘celebration of the culinary arts of the Caribbean’ by showcasing to the general public and region the ‘Taste of Chefs from The Caribbean Islands’. The objective of this event is to foster the development of the professional skills of aspiring and established chefs and bartenders.

The Taste of the Caribbean venue provides a forum for culinary and beverage professionals to practically acquire as well as impart information about this profession/industry.

Chefs and beverage professionals are expected to gain knowledge of best practices in the culinary industry as well as developing dexterities in the art of cooking and mixing drinks, sampling of cuisines with pioneering blends of various ingredients, purchasing, established supplier relationships and meeting new vendors.

Ultimately, the Taste of the Caribbean platform provides innovative and energizing educational sessions for food and beverage professionals that can potentially enhance individual skills all during well planned educational seminars.

Each educational session will be conducted by leading industry culinary professionals ready to showcase the latest food and beverage trends and marketing strategies designed to boost profitability and improve culinary offerings.

These educational sessions are geared towards hoteliers, restaurateurs, and food and beverage professionals, managers and students from all facets of the culinary trade, affording them the opportunity to enhance their skills as well as to aid in increasing the success of their Businesses.

The food and beverage professionals will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills and build industry knowledge through the educational programs as well as sampling a variety of gourmet appetizers and desserts and tasting signature cocktails in an energetic atmosphere featuring authentic Caribbean music.

Overview of the Competition

The very best of the best chefs, pastry chefs, and bartenders prepare annually to represent their establishments and country mentioned as a recipient of awards. Annually, over 15 Culinary teams from the Caribbean Region participate in this distinguished event further earning them gastronomic perks that they proudly display in their establishments.

The participating teams vie for various distinguished culinary techniques and dexterities to which will earn them one or more of the following titles:

Caribbean National Culinary Team Competition
Caribbean Culinary Individual Competition
Caribbean Chef of the Year
Caribbean Junior Chef of the Year
Caribbean Bartender of the Year
Caribbean Pastry Chef of the Year

Source: St. Martin News Network
Tourist Bureau in Miami with Taste of the Caribbean team.