Traffic diversion in Dutch Quarter.

PHILIPSBURG:— In connection with the ongoing roadworks presently taking place in Dutch Quarter (Lower Princess Quarter) road closures and traffic diversions are taking place. The section of A. Th. Illidge road between Nazareth road and the “Ta Ta the Bus driver” roundabout has been closed off to all motor vehicle traffic for the contractor to have this work done.
The Police Department is advising all drivers coming from the French Quarter heading to Philipsburg to make use of the Bishop Hill and Sucker garden road to get to their destination. Those drivers coming from Philipsburg heading to Dutch Quarter will only be allowed to reach as far as Nazareth road. Those drivers coming from Philipsburg and heading to French Quarter are advised to make use of the Middle Region road, Sucker garden road and Bishop hill road to get to their destination.
The temporary closing of this section of the street for the period of time required to have this work done could cause some traffic back-up. All drivers are asked to give their fullest cooperation mainly in the area of “Ta Ta the bus driver” roundabout to avoid any unnecessary back-ups and or delays.

KPSM Press Release

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Source: St. Martin News Network