WICSU/ ABVO calls on Government and Parliament to join hands in finding money for PJIAE.

PHILIPSBURG:— The WICSU/PSU and ABVO have come together to issue a joint demand to the Council of Ministers, Parliament, Supervisory Board and Management of PJIAE N.V. We are demanding they work together to secure the much-needed funding for the Airport.

To the Council of Ministers and Parliament, now is not the time for party politics and self-interests. The last thing our members and our economy needs right now is instability within Government. This will further prolong the much-needed injection of cash that PJIAE N.V. needs in order to make payroll for February and to begin the reconstruction process. This has been recently confirmed by the CEO of PJIAE N.V. Mr. Brian Mingo. The ripple effect this vote of no-confidence will have on our members and our fragile economy, which is currently struggling to strengthen, will be profound.

ABVO and WICSU/PSU will be attending the Parliament meeting on Friday. We would like to witness for ourselves, all the members of parliament that does not have the best interest of the 270 employees at PJIAE N.V., and the pillar of this economy at heart.


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Source: St. Martin News Network http://www.smn-news.com/st-maarten-st-martin-news/31299-wicsu-abvo-calls-on-government-and-parliament-to-join-hands-in-finding-money-for-pjiae.html