Richard Patrick Serving You For Change.

p>PHILIPSBURG:— Presenting the candidates to the public via the media gives the people the opportunity to become acquainted with their prospective parliamentarian prior to the upcoming elections. In this article the Leader of the Sint Maarten Christian Party (SMCP), Wycliffe Smith, takes pleasure in introducing Richard A. Patrick, candidate #11 on the SMCP slate.
Richard was born in the Dominican Republic on March 3rd, 1980. Six years later, in 1986, he became a Dutch citizen and resident of Sint Maarten where he grew up in the district of Sucker Garden. He is a well-rounded person who lives his life with passion, commitment, and grace.
From the age of 11, Richard developed an interest in politics. After becoming personally acquainted with politicians like Dr. Claude Wathey, Mr. Clem Labega and Mr. Edgar Lynch his interest in politics grew even stronger. These political pioneers taught him that in order to succeed in politics he must make people his priority. Ever since Richard has been preparing himself to be a public servant. He has studied the constitution of Sint Maarten as well as researched and analyzed various political strategies. In addition, he has been a keen observer of the many Government transitions that have taken place on Sint Maarten since 10-10-10. In the past, several political parties approached him and asked him to be a candidate on their lists but Richard is glad that he waited until he found a political party with principles and an ideology that match his own.
Richard Patrick has worked in the hospitality industry for a total of 10 years and in the business sector for 7 years, all the while developing and maintaining respectable business relationships. This experience in the fields of hospitality and business has contributed immensely to his knowledge and understanding of the various economic and business challenges on Sint Maarten. Moreover, working in these sectors has helped to shape his ability to effectively provide support to people with different backgrounds.
According to Richard, there is a shift of political focus which is very unfortunate. In the past, politics used to be more about serving the people, being in constant contact with people and respecting communities and the way they functioned. But in recent times there is an obvious lack of transparency, accountability, respect, and care, especially with regard to addressing the various social issues that plague Sint Maarten today.
With the support of his family and friends, Richard Patrick has decided to step out of his comfort zone and accept the challenge to become a part of the change that is so much needed in Sint Maarten. Change that will benefit our people and will lead to a prosperous Sint Maarten.
A memorable quote by Dr. Claude Wathey, taken from Mr. Otto von Bismarck states “Politics is the art of the possible …” This quote has motivated Richard to get involved in serving his people. It assured him that it is possible that someone, raised in Sucker Garden, who struggled through the economy of Sint Maarten, can finally apply the political knowledge, acquired over the years, to bring about positive change on the island that is his home.
Richard joined the Sint Maarten Christian Party because of its beliefs in Christian values, moral responsibility, transparency, and integrity – fundamentals that made Sint Maarten great in the past. SMCP moves as a collective body whereby decisions are made by the group instead of by one person. Richard says that “it is an honor for him to be a part of the SMCP family through which he will get the opportunity to serve the people of Sint Maarten for a change!

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