Prime Minister & Chair of the EOC Silveria Jacobs National Address on COVID-19 Developments MARCH 28, 2020. | SMN News

People of St. Maarten, both at home and abroad, I hereby address you, as Prime Minister and Chair of the EOC (Emergency Operations Center), in an update for today Saturday, March 28, 2020. 

Today, Saturday, March 28, 2020, I held a meeting with the members and stakeholders of ESF 6 which was led by Public Health. In this meeting, representatives of the SMMC (St. Maarten Medical Centre), the Ambulance Department, and General Practitioners (GPs) were present. ESF 6 Coordinator/Acting Secretary-General and Head of the Public Health Department Fenna Arnell as well as Collective Prevention Services (CPS) were also present. Fruitful discussions were held with the stakeholders aimed at enhancing communication, cooperation, and collaboration seeing our limited capacity and resources. 

We were able to conclude very important decision points on the way forward in an

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