Simpson Bay & Causeway Bridge Openings Return to Regular Daily Schedule. | SMN News

POINTE BLANCHE:— The Simpson Bay Bridge will resume regular scheduled bridge opening times as of Wednesday, July 1st for the Simpson Bay Bridge as well as the Causeway Bridge.
The regular schedule bridge opening times are Simpson Bay Bridge:
08.30 am outbound; 09.30 am inbound; 10.30 am outbound; 11.30 am inbound; 3.00 pm inbound; 4.00 pm outbound; 5.00 pm inbound.
Causeway Bridge: 08.00 am; 10.00 am; 3.30 pm.
Back on March 27, 2020, the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority reduced bridge openings due to the national COVID-19 lockdown and reduced boat traffic.
Due to the normalization of economic

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